Friday, 4 February 2011

Dear So and So

This is my first time joining over at 3 bedroom bungalow's Dear so and So. I've read a few blogs recently who take part and think its a great idea and enjoy reading every ones letters so here goes..

Dear Nan,

It was lovely to spend the day with you last Friday, unfortunately under very sad circumstances as that was the day your sister was being buried. You asked me if I thought Aunt Pink would mind that you didn't attend and instead spent the day reminiscing over days gone by. Aunt Pink knows you were too frail to make the long journey up to Yorkshire and she would be thinking 'Its what you do while people are alive that matters'. Of course she would understand. I feel so sad for you losing so many people you love over the years...a major downside to living to an old age.

Love You Lots,
Your Eldest Grandchild x

Dear Teenage Daughter,

That really was a bright move, even I didn't try that one when I was 15! I expect Papa knew but turned a blind eye in favor of peace but as you know not a lot gets past Mama. I wasn't actually born this age and my eagle eyes spotted it as I was packing the shopping bags at the till in the supermarket. That sexy blue bottle of alcopops slid so elegantly towards me that I almost packed it without realising. Of course I threw a major wobbler and confiscated it immediately. But I really Like the bribing move you made by buying me a new mascara out of your pocket money...I've just clicked why you did that...Hoping I'll let you have that bottle tonight are we?

Luv ya Loads...You cheeky girl!

Your super quick eagle eyed Mother x

Dear My Baby,

So you turned 11 this week. How the years have flown. All my babies are growing up and only you and teenage daughter at home now. You are at that age just before you go up to big want to be a teenager and sometimes act like one but still like to be babied as well. You are still clinging on to a bit of your childhood. Mama yearns for you to stay her baby girl but I know you hate it when I call you that. You are growing up and it is happening way too fast. I try to claw back at all your childhoods. I miss messy play. I miss cbeebies. I miss marker pen on my walls. I miss muddy footprints all through the house. I miss yelling to stop kicking the football in the lounge. I miss getting up to one of you in the night for drinks, wee's and scary dreams. I miss running around like a blue a***d fly day in and day out. I guess we are moving on to the next phase of parenting now.

Love you Baby Girl,

Forever your Mummy x

Dear So and So...


  1. Love your letters, particularly the one to your Gran and I think you are so right about what Aunt Pink would have said.



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