Wednesday, 2 February 2011

#Bloglove Awards

I am so spoilt! I received not one but two blog awards yesterday and they really made my day.

The first one was from a favourite blog of mine Tales of an Unlikely Mother Pop over and say Hi, she writes a blog sharing her life as Mummy to adorable twins with honesty and humour. Lovely blog and everything she writes takes me back to when my boys were little.
I'd like to pass this award on to a fantastic writer Blissful Rainbow
The first time I read her blog I cried, her words touched my heart. When she writes her book I'll be the first to buy a copy. Blissful Rainbow is one of those blogs that is totally real and leaves you excited to read more. If there is one new blog this week that you follow then let it be this one. Please pop over there and have a look around.

I'd also like to pass it onto a new blogger Gini over at Desperately seeking myself
Gini has a fantastic way of describing her day to day life. Her blog is witty and real and I love it! Another person who's book 'd buy...please give her a visit, follow and say hi.

This award has only one rule: I must specify three destinations to which I want to travel and say why. Well its funny because only yesterday Papa & I were discussing holiday destinations as we power walked along the river trying to burn off our fat. It was bitter cold and the thought of being transported off to warmer climes was welcoming. I must admit if I didn't have to think of anyone else in the family and simply please myself then I prefere holidays of visiting ancient sites.

So the first place I would love to visit is Pompeii and Herculaneum. A truly important archaeological site...Ghost towns frozen in time. The devastating eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D covered the ancient Roman towns in a thick layer of volcanic material and basically turned everything and everyone to stone. It looks fascinating and I'd love to explore it.

photo Panoramio Robert A

Next place is Petra in Jordan. A city carved into the rock by the Nabataeans, ancient Arab people who settled there 2000 years ago. Another breathtaking and important archaeological site.

image visit Jordan

Destination number 3 is Thailand. For obvious reasons...Beautiful white sandy beaches and rich green rice fields. It is also a place the whole family agree on. We would all love it there.
My second blog is The Stylish award and it was awarded to me by the lovely Jessica over at Happily ever after. Jessica is a kindergarten teacher and is planning her wedding to her fiance Kieth in June. Her Blog is fun, colourful and full of love. It oozes bundles of happiness! I Love it!
This is a Pay It Forward Award and there are 4 Duties to follow:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. share 15 recently discovered blogs that you love
4. Contact the bloggers and let them know about their award.

Ok so 7 things about myself...
* I crave creativity and even dream about making stuff...weird right? Hell yeah, but that is me all over...weird, ha ha ha!

* I wanted to be a fashion designer all through my childhood & teenage years. My Dad wanted me to go to the London College of Fashion I had my college application in my art box 2 yrs before I was old enough to apply...trouble was Mum wouldn't let me take art as an option at school. My art teacher challenged Mums decision as she said I'd get into the college with no problems. At the time (Back in the early 80's) it was a common view that the arts wouldn't get you anywhere in life. Mum only thought she was doing what was best for me at the time, but it actually set me off on a trail of rebellion.
*I used to read the Tarot cards but I no longer do it because it is so draining and leaves me with migraine.
*I became a Grandmother at 35. Even though a lot younger than we anticipated Me & Papa adore our Granddaughter and love being Grandparents.
*I was raised as a Mormon and Papa & I were married in the Mormon church. I have been inactive for over 20 years and thanks to Facebook I am in regular contact with most of my Friends who I grew up with in the Church...Friends I hold very fond memories and who I absolutely think the world of.
*My Best Friend has always been My Cousin...She is crazy, funny, scatterbrained, loyal and has always been there for me through thick and thin. I couldn't be without her.

*If you haven't already realised I am addicted to charity shops and love rummaging for retro stuff...especially Kitchenalia that I can never resist buying.

I haven't got time this morning to link to 15 blogs, but heres a couple of new ones I love.
* Joy over at Joynitt Her Blog is full of photography, Beautiful Crocheted wares and lots of creative passion. I Love reading her blog.
* Carol over at Knitting, Crochet and life in general is exactly what it says on the tin. Carol knits the most adorable baby clothes and is well worth visiting.
* Jodie over at Blogging my life, past, present and maybe the future. Jodie shares her life with honesty and full of sunshine. A lovely lady is Jodie.


  1. thanks emma for my award, I'll do my best to pass on to 15 others, but I spend far too much time on here as it is, it'll take me a while to nominate 15 others.

  2. thanks emma for my award, I'll do my best to pass on to 15 others, but I spend far too much time on here as it is, it'll take me a while to nominate 15 others.

  3. Thanks so much for the Award, I'll try to stick to the rules and do it as soon as I can, just gotta find the time!!!!!

    Thanks again

  4. Please do not feel obliged to pass it on to 15 people or stick to the rules...I only awarded them to you as a show of appreciation because I love your blogs xxx

  5. oh my goodness....I've only just noticed this lol...big hugs and thank you's :) I've neglected my blog a bit and another issue I'll go into soon ;)

    Thanks :) xxxx



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