Thursday, 13 January 2011

Writers Workshop - Scarred

(photo - H is for Home)

When I think of the word scarred I think back to the time I lost the tip of my left middle finger. I was 2 years old so I don't actually remember a thing about it but I've heard the story a hundred times.

It was a warm, balmy afternoon in the summer of 1972, Mum and My Auntie were taking a break from their daily chores and sitting in the back garden drinking tea, chatting while my baby cousin slept in his pram. They could hear birds singing, the faint distant hum of the radio coming from the kitchen and me giggling as I ran over to them from the bottom of the garden. I jumped up onto one of the empty deck chairs...It hadn't been unfolded properly and securely. It collapsed with my finger trapped inside.


I was rushed to hospital...Mum was hysterical as she wrapped my hand in whatever she could find to absorb the blood. The man across the road was a fireman and told Mum that she had better take my finger tip with her to the hospital so that it could be sewn back on. It was found amongst the grass and put in a matchbox. By the time they reached A&E it was too late to sew it back on so now I have a funny scarred finger.

Mum never would let any of her kids sit on those style chairs again...She wouldn't have them in the house. Cant say I blame her!

I also have four other scars...scars from My babies.

When I first found out I was expecting our first child I really wanted a natural water birth. It was a relatively new fad back then and I didn't know of anyone who had given birth that way. I loved the concept of giving birth with no or very little pain relief...maybe I was being a little naive but I wanted to explore all my choices. The thought of hiring a birthing pool and having our baby at home with Papa, My Mum and all my brothers in the house, around me really appealed to me.
I did lots of research and decided it was definitely what I wanted. Mum was excited about it too and offered to pay for the hire of the pool, she even rang a midwife who helped new Mums give birth at home. It was all really exiting...Until I went for my 20 week scan. They told me my pelvis is too small for natural child birth and that I would have to have a caesarean section and not only that...I would always have to have C-sections with any future children.
I felt devastated! My dreams of a natural water birth at home were dashed!
So now I have four scars and these scars remind me that it doesn't matter how the hell you give birth as long as your babies arrive into this world safely. I quickly realised this the minute I held my first baby in my arms.

Master J born - 1990 (A Dad himself now)

Master N born - 1991

Miss K born - 1995

Miss C born - 2000

The post is for Mama Kat's writers workshop

Mama's Losin' It


  1. I too am scarred, but luckily I still have all my finger tips! I understand completely about the disappointment of not being able to have a normal, home birth. I'll never know what it was like, but I'd never swap my babies for the experience xxx

  2. Oh Gini I really did feel so upset when I found out...I cried for days. But as soon as I held my first baby I never looked back and really dont feel I've missed out on natural child birth xxx

  3. I shut the little finger of my right hand in a car door, and chopped the end off of it, its a little bit short, but no-one notices unless I show them.

  4. My grandfather was missing three of his fingers on one of his hands (farm accident). I always remembered how his hand looked (kids are entranced by such things). I don't think they had the option to re-attach fingers in his day. Fortunately, it never seemed to hold him back.

  5. I have a sister that lost the tip of her wedding ring finger when someone closed a door on it. We had to be careful with doors after that.

  6. You're babies are beautiful and worth the scars I'm sure.



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