Saturday, 8 January 2011

Oh to be by The Sea!

Oh To be by The sea...
Its that time of year again when you start planning what you will be doing over the coming months so of course I have been thinking 'Holiday' Not because I feel I need a holiday...No, I'm craving the sea...I'm craving North Devon...I need a Fix.
Nothing new there I always yearn to feel the soft sands of Westward Ho inbetween my toes, to once again paddle my aching feet in its warm waters, to watch the kids run, laugh and be free.
As I stand and watch Papa and the Kids walk out to meet the Calm sea my Spirit feels calm...
I am Home...
Home to the place that Healed me, the place that eased the constant, gut wrenching, stabbing pain I felt in my heart for the loss of My Mum.
My time in North Devon was a time of seclusion. I withdrew from my 'old' life and all the pressures and stresses that went with it. I escaped all its toxicity and its frantic, manic, rushed busy-ness... Escaped to a place of peace, sanity and quiet contemplation. Its affect almost instant, I felt a deep reconnection with my 'authentic' self and remembered what real happiness was...I had found Solace by the sea.
So yes, Devon shores are calling to me...Really have to go this year and re-connect with my old Friend...
The Sea!


  1. I'm glad you had a peaceful 'reconnect' I often head up to the North Norfolk beaches do the same x

  2. Beautiful sentiments and a beautiful photo too, Emma. Lovely stuff.

  3. I once saw a sign that said, "Everything is better by the sea." I agree, sometimes it seems that sitting by the sea is healing. Love your blog. Just found out my brother is going to spend six months living in England.

  4. What a beautiful posting Emma. Just reading it takes you away from the hassle of everyday life.
    Carol x



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