Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Listography - Things I wish I could do

I've noticed that a few blogs that I follow are taking part in Kate Takes 5 Listography of 'Five things I wish I could do' so I thought I'd join in too.

1. Speak to my Mum.

I find it so frustrating that I can't talk to her anymore and if you are lucky enough to have had a (or have) a good Mum in your life then you really do not realize how much you rely on her for advice until you no longer have her there. Mums have a way of being able to tell you exactly how things are without causing any real offence. I knew My Mum loved me no matter what and trusted her judgement...she really did always know best.

2. Lay Bricks.
A bit bizarre I know, but If I could lay bricks I'd build all sorts in my back garden, first thing would be a super duper craft room. I'd love to not only lay bricks but to plumb in bathrooms and run electrics. Anything a builder can do really...I'd love it!

Photo: Wilsons Homes

3. I wish I could be a little less obsessive.

Sometimes it is a good quality to possess and when I'm on an obsessive one I get loads done and I learn tons of new stuff. I become obsessed with everything I want to do. Other times it can be a bit of a pain in the a**e as I obsess over what the kids are doing...I'm too over protective and freak over the slightest little thing. I guess its because I have an addictive personality.

4. I wish I understood My Father.
And why he neglected his children. I just can not understand people who cut loved ones out of their lives for no reason. It just baffles me.

5. I wish I could surf.

If I could swim then the first thing I'd do is learn to surf. Its something I've always wanted to do. I love beach living and can quite happily spend my days surfing & living in a cabin right on the beach.

Lisa Andersen : photo courtesy Roxy


  1. *has been left with a bizarre image of you in a builders hat on a surf board*

    Okay, that now sounds like some kind of weird fantasy...um, sorry!!

    I'm with you on number 4 - it's such a baffling thing...

  2. So glad to have you onboard - your blog design is best I've seen for awhile! You should get that muscle woman to do all your building work..
    I'm with you on the surfing. I've had a couple of attempts and LOVED it. Thanks for linking in. x

  3. I so agree with our brick laying wish, doesn't it just look like the most satisfying thing to do? I also wish I could surf, I just need to get over my fear of the water first!

  4. That was supposed to say *your* brick laying wish, I don't speak in the 'royal we'!

  5. A lovely list. I wish I could lay bricks and build all kinds of useful stuff too.

  6. I wish I could talk with my Dad. It is great that you had such a wonderful relationship with your mom. I am sorry for your loss. I know how hard it can be.

    Mama Hen



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