Thursday, 20 January 2011

He is My Life, My Love and My soul Mate

The prompt I picked this week over at Mama Kats Workshop is:
1) Something unique you love about your significant other.
My Husband is truly my soul mate and we have been through lots of trials & tribulations over the years to finally realize that. Oh yes our Marriage has been tested many times and now after 24 yrs together as a couple we are at a Good place. We are inseparable.
I first spotted his uniqueness the moment I met him back in 1987. I guess you could say it was love at first sight but don't tell him I said that because I like to tease him that it was the other way around. He quite happily accepts this and tells me I was very 'aloof' when we first met. What he really means is he thought I was a right 'stuck up' cow because whenever he tried to approach me I blanked him. Truth is I was fancied him so much that I couldn't talk to knees turning to jelly every time I saw him and I was terrified I'd blurt out something totally inappropriate and make myself look a complete fool.
Obviously we did eventually get talking and instantly become the best of friends. I knew almost immediately that he was 'The one'.

I took him home to meet Mum after 8 weeks of dating him and introduced him as my fiance. Apart from looking like she was about to pass out with shock (as it was the first she had heard of a boyfriend being on the scene) she really did like him. In fact they got on like a house on fire and still did right up until we lost Mum in 2006. My Mum loved him like one of her own and she told him this on her deathbed.
He also got on exceptionally well with my five younger brothers and would spend hours entertaining them building lego cars and race tracks. This was important to me as I spent the majority of my time helping Mum look after the boys so it was vital to me that the boys liked him. I really didn't need to worry though as they hit it off with him straight away.

I love the unique way he has with kids. All kids, not just his own. They love him, adore him and laugh at him. It is what has made him such a special Father. He spends all his time entertaining them, making them roll on the floor in fits of laughter...

Even if it means dressing up like a cardboard box, flexing his muscles and chasing the kids around the house like a complete lunatic. He will do it if it makes the kids laugh.

He will join in all their birthday parties even if it means he gets bundled by 30 ten year olds....
This is why he has the gloves on.
He just loves being a Dad and now a Grandad and I have so appreciated over the years how wonderfully supportive he has been.

And how he makes me laugh...
And Laugh...
And Laugh.

He has a unique way of knowing me like no-one else ever has. He can read me like a book and he loves me like no other.

He is My life and I am his... this is why he is Unique to me.


  1. One question...does he have a brother?!?!? :)

    In all seriousness, I have a "boy" who thrills me each and every day. He is my best soul mate...and I fervently believe that more and more everyday. When you have someone as special as he, you are inspired to write, and I can see that your guy has done that for you!

    Great post! I hope you can check out my entry to Mama's workshop, too!

  2. Em, you've quite bought a tear to my eye... what a lovely piece of writing - I hope Kev reads it xxx

  3. I love, love, LOVE reading stories like yours! I too have found my soulmate! It makes me feel sad that more people don't have the kind of relationship with their spouse that we have. I married my husband 5 months after meeting him and we have been married for 18 years now. We have just as much fun and more love and appreciation for each other day after day. Congratulations to the both of you, I am truly happy for you! :)By the way, I am now a grandmother too and it is amazing fun! I had two daughters when my husband and I married, he adopted them a few years into our marriage,he is the only father they have ever known and no one ever guesses they are not his biological children. He recently stood with our youngest daughter at her wedding, and will be standing with our oldest daughter at her wedding in 4 months.

  4. Glad you found such a good guy. I love it when my husband makes me laugh too!

  5. He sounds pretty fabulous! Isn't it wonderful to have a spouse that just "gets" us! Thanks for visiting my blog! Loved visiting yours! -- Dawn

  6. I love those qualities in a man. your very lucky

  7. I hope my husband and I can last as long as you guys. And i hope I still feel the same way 20 years from now. ;)



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