Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The Benefits Of Blogging

The Benefits of Blogging and Why I do it...

To me Blogging is a modern day way to keep a diary or journal.

I always kept a journal as a child and teenager and would feel guilty if I didn't write in it at least once a day. Then I grew up, Got married, had babies and lost my journalling mojo. And then I discovered blogging through reading a family members blog. Instantly I wanted to write one myself, at first not really knowing what I was doing or how to find my way around blogland.

It began its days as a memory keeper then became much more than that...

The benefits of blogging are a lot deeper than you might think.

  • Reflection - When I write sometimes my posts may appear random, others more structured with a prompt. Some are my everyday thoughts, hopes, dreams and general day to day life. When reading back on these posts or blog entries they give me the chance to reflect and focus on things I may or may not want to change in my life. An opportunity to consider future goals and aspirations.

  • Understanding who I am - When I am writing it gives me quiet time to think about who I am and what is and is not important to me. I become lost in my own world without distractions. I begin to understand my worth and my values. Understanding oneself makes it easier to understand other people.

  • Wisdom - We are all wise...Wise through personal experiences in life and mistakes we have made. Through blogging I have learnt to trust my inner wisdom and intuition. Blogging sometimes forces me to ask myself questions to which the answers lie deep within my inner self...Reminding me that we do have an inner wisdom.

  • Discovering our passions - Blogging sometimes presents questions...Questions asking what is important to me in my life, What I love, what brings me happiness, what brings me joy.

  • Discovering our pain - As well as discovering my passions I have learnt what also brings me pain, heartache, anger and sadness and forces me to deal with these emotions.

  • Creativity - As well as writing being a creative pass time in itself blogging also offers inspiration from other bloggers. Creative, artistic bloggers who have filled my mind with inspiration for future projects.

  • Healing - This is one of the greatest benefits blogging has given me. It has helped me deal with the grief of losing my Mum four and a half years ago by keeping her memory alive. I often write about her...It has made my journey of grief somewhat more bearable.

  • Friendship - I have made lots of wonderful Blogger Friends who I would never have had the opportunity to meet if I didn't blog.

To me Blogging equals Personal Empowerment. It reduces My stress, sometimes makes me cry, makes me laugh (A lot), Helps me process pent up thoughts & feelings enabling me to let go of the past. It has empowered me to create, focus and Move on.

Where would I be without My Blog!


  1. I think that's a great summing up of the benefits of blogging.

    Like you when I first started blogging I really didn't know what to write about or how to get around this site, now it comes as second nature to me.

    I'm so pleased to have met all the lovely people on here, I much prefer the blogging world to the Facebook world.

  2. You know it's good when you nod all the way through it :) It's also good inspirational reading for anyone who may think it's time to pack it away.



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