Thursday, 16 December 2010

Writing workshop - Memories of Christmas

This weeks Writing Workshop over at Josies is Remembering Christmas Past.

My Mum wasn't one for photography and this photo is a very rare one. We dont look very happy...miserable looking bunch we are, lol...But actually the opposite was true. We loved Christmas. It was taken by Mum on my camera...A photo of all us kids together sitting around the Christmas table. I was a Mum myself at this point to Master J and I was expecting Master N

Just seeing us all sitting in the dining room at this table evokes memories of many years gone by. The table was one Mum had for years and if it could speak would be full of memories. We wasn't really a family for watching much TV instead We would gather a lot around this table chatting, eating, watching Mum cook. It has seen happiness, laughter, the bringing home of new babies, making arrangements for marriages, school projects, birthday parties, arguments, divorce, grief and heartaches...and of course many Christmases.
I wrote a post here about Mum and Christmas gone by if you would like to have a read.

Christmas was always a happy, exciting time in our house. I remember one year I really really wanted a chopper bike and a holly hobby doll. Christmas morning My Brother S burst into my bedroom screaming "Wake Up Wake up...You've got a chopper!!!" Half asleep I burst into tears...and Cried "What do I want one of those for???" My Brother looked puzzled...I thought he meant an axe Chopper...He obviously meant the bike..
So I got a chopper and My Bro got a Grifter bike...
We were over joyed

I also got a Sindy Doll...
I loved her soooo much

Holly Hobby was another favourite
and Do you remember Simon says?

Apart from my bike my favourite toy ever was my fashion plates...
I played with it for hours & hours at a timeAnd of course my brothers favourite toy was evil kenevil

ahhhhh The memories all these toys bring
Happy Days.


  1. This made me smile - lots of Christmas memories from when I was younger x

  2. I remember all those must have Christmas toys!

    This post has brought back some great Christmas memories of my own.

  3. Great memories, I had one of those Sindy dolls and also one with brown hair, she wasn't loved as much poor thing!

  4. Such fab memories, I loved your posting! x



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