Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Travel - Reverb10

Todays Reverb10 prompt is Travel...
Bit of a touchy subject for me as I wanted to travel to Bulgaria this year to celebrate my 40th and to mark that it would have been my Mums 60th.

Mum loved Bulgaria...The Mountains took her breath away. She loved how simply life is over there...and how beautiful it is. Mum spent a lot of time there and had plans to retire over there. It wasn't to be.

I am desperate to visit the Rila Monastery...I worked on an assignment studying the Monastery at University a few years back and would love to see it.
That also wasn't to be...
My yearning to go caused a rift in the family...
An unnecessary rift that was not my fault.

Its a long story but the upset and hurt this rift has caused has left me feeling less enthusiastic to visit Bulgaria. Mum would be sad to hear that.

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