Monday, 6 December 2010

The Sledge

The whole of the UK was covered by a White Fluffy Blanket of Snow...
This can only mean one thing...

Entertaining the kids is easy on snow days...
Just get out The Sledge!

Nothing beats a Brisk snowy walk

Everywhere looks so pretty
Mums, Dads & kids seem to be everywhere
There is a buzz in the air...

So much fun to be had

Lots of Laughter

And Giggles

Darling Snow Angels

And Exhilarating
gliding down the slopes

Their energy boundless

C'mon Girls Time to go Home

Home to a roaring fire,
Hot Soup and a Pot of Tea...


  1. almost envious, but only almost!
    (no snow and no girls for me!)
    last winter my 20 year-old posted on facebook "you know when you are getting older when there is a pristine field of snow outside your house and you'd rather stay indoors and have a cup of tea"!

  2. I loved seeing these pictures of the kids having fun! I can't wait for us to get more snow...I think we've only had one real snowfall so far this winter, and it wasn't very much. xoxo



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