Thursday, 23 December 2010

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December 23 – New Name

Let’s meet again, for the first time. If you could introduce yourself to strangers by another name for just one day, what would it be and why? (Author: Becca Wilcott)

I actually quite like my name although I wasn't very keen on it as a child. Not many people shared it with me...infact I only knew of one other in my school. It is quite an old fashioned name but did become popular about 20 years ago.

Mum wanted to call me Sophia after Sophia Loren...Dad wanted to call me Kelly after Kelly's hereo's (He was a big Clint Eastwood fan...As am I). Neither won and they compromised with my name.

So no...I wouldn't change my name...It has history and it is who I am.

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  1. as mentioned before, I've stopped doing this because I am happy where I am, but when I was a little girl (many years ago!) I wanted to be called pat vaughan, this was after my 2 heroes of the time, pat smythe, the show jumper and frankie vaughan, the singer (both way before your time, emma) so thats the name I would have chosen for this one, but, like you I love my name now, and particularly this time of year when I get far more personalised xmas cards than most others (except perhaps anyone called noel),
    joy xx



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