Sunday, 12 December 2010

Makeover - Shabby chic desk

OK So who doesn't love Cath Kidston?
I Love her retro-chic style
and her dreamy Kitschiness.

I wish I could afford to decorate my whole house from her shop but I cant so I have to improvise with cheaper alternatives. I have spent the past week de-cluttering and decorating our 10 yr olds bedroom. It was a bit babyish in style and needed a more grown up feel...Not to mention covering up the writing/drawing on her walls!

I really wanted to decorate her room using a Cath Kidston wallpaper but at £22 per roll I couldn't really afford to do that. I discovered a website that a cheaper alternative wallpaper for £15.99 per roll at wallpaper direct Here

I decorated her room, painted her bed and chest of drawers...It was all looking lovely and fresh except for her desk that now looked dated and out of place. I undercoated and gave it a few coats of white satin. On the desk top I decoupaged left over wallpaper and cut out tiny flowers from the wallpaper and stuck them on the handles.

I found an old chair that had been left to rot in the garden. I cleaned it up, painted and again decoupaged.

A few coats of clear varnish later and it looks lovely. It cost next to nothing to revamp and Miss C loves it!
Her room isn't quite finished as it still needs bits of painting, wallpapering and I've ordered some nice fresh bedding with red hearts, but it looks so .much tidier...All ready for whatever goodies Santa delivers.


  1. This is lovely! I really love what you have done with the chair, and the wallpaper, it looks very vintage and cozy. Totally know what you mean about Cath Kidston she can be a bit pricey but it's good to know there are always alternatives! :) Sarah

  2. Great work! It's so wonderful you found alternatives that were more affordable. I also like your giving new life to that chair!

    Jainnie xoxo

  3. Clever girl. They look great.


  4. Oh wow it looks beautiful! You've done a fantastic job :) x



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