Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Future Self - reverb10

December 21 – Future Self.

Imagine yourself five years from now. What advice would you give your current self for the year ahead? (Bonus: Write a note to yourself 10 years ago. What would you tell your younger self?) (Author: Jenny Blake)

Todays reverb10 prompt is a tricky one. It is soooo difficult to imagine myself five years from now because life can change so quickly. I really hope mine doesn't change too much because I am happier than I think I've ever been. I want that to continue.

If I'd written myself a letter ten years ago it would say a lot of things. It is difficult to have regrets in life because I think those regrets and mistakes we make in life teach us huge lessons. Lessons that enable us to develop ourselves, our lives and our futures. Without those regrets we would be pretty empty in a lot of ways.

Dear Me aged 30,

Move the family to North Devon asap...You will have a wonderful, carefree lifestyle. Beach living is the way to go. The people down there are so creative & chilled and you will learn a whole lot quicker that material things are not the beauty of life.

Be careful who you mix with...some people are just out to destroy happy people and suck on their energy. There will be a lot of people come into your life over the next ten years who will drain you...mentally and physically. If you move to Devon these people can be avoided!

Your social life is not that important! Partying too much will get you no where. Being at home with the family is what matters. Not night clubs and parties! Life is Not boring without Partying!

Which leads me onto Work...

You & Papa do not need to work days & nights for that new leather sofa, top of the range TV's, stereo's and other material things. These long work hours will take you away from concentrating on eachother and your marriage. If you move to Devon these 'things' wont matter to you as much.

Finish your Degree...You love to learn new things and studying what you love is such a buzz. You will make some Fantastic new friends and absolutely Love Uni! It will change your whole outlook on life. Finish Your Degree! It is one of the things ten years from now you will not regret!

Keep a very close eye on Mum...She is ill. Mum knows it but has trouble convincing the doctors. It's cancer and it's serious. A cancer that if caught early enough will save her life. If you only listen to one thing from this letter let it be this. I am begging you. Go with Mum to the doctors...scream & shout if you have to...Make them listen! Mum wont tell you how unwell she is.

Forget your Dad...Nothing will change!

Live everyday as if its your last!

Love & Hugs

Yourself aged 40 xxx


Just a little update...A very good Friend of mine read this post and very wisely pointed out to me that my yearning to have moved to a more idyllic area could also have caused problems. It isnt the place we live that brings happiness..."Happiness lies deep within us"

My Friend is soooo right and I urge her to write a blog of wise words.
Her words encouraged me to think a little deeper. Life would have been different if we had moved when the children were little ...maybe it may have been more relaxed, happier or more fulfilling but it could also have not been like that at all. We would also have lost out on so much. Main thing being we would not have our Beautiful Granddaughter. We adore her and life would not be the same without the joy she has bought to all our lives. I also have some Friends that are Good people that I wouldn't have met if we had took the plunge and moved to Devon ten years ago.

Conclusion being...
Search deep within yourself for a contented life...Not your surroundings. Our environment does not predict how happy our lives will be. Only us as individuals can do that. We are our own destiny!

Thankyou to Lisa for so much inspiration X

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  1. I so agree with you, happiness is not a place you can go to, your happiness is where you are. you seem to have come a long way since the beginning of this reverb, it has been a pleasure to accompany you on your journey.
    I am not continuing with it, as it has basically shown me that I am already happy where I am, and dont really need to change very much or bring new things into my life.
    I shall, however, make another attempt to lose weight next year, so I'll set you a challenge, lets see which one of us can reach our target first. I have about 20 kilos (44lbs, just over 3 stone) to lose and am aiming to lose approx a kilo a week, so hopefully will be where I want to go by the end of may.



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