Tuesday, 14 December 2010

December 14 – Appreciate
What’s the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it? (Author: Victoria Klein)

Its funny because before I read today's Reverb10 prompt I was over at Mummy From The Hearts Blog and she has written a beautiful post showing Thanks to her Husband for being wonderful Daddy to their children. I felt inspired to write a post showing gratitude to My hubby for also being a fab Dad to our kids so its kinda perfect timing.

So the thing I am most appreciative of this year is my husband. He has been wonderfully supportive throughout a very difficult year for me.
It has been a testing time for me mentally and emotionally as certain family members have treated me with a lack of regard over certain issues that were extremely important to me.

I have become sick and tired of helping people out over the years...never asking for anything in return and then being treated with disrespect when they no longer need you. I guess I have felt unappreciated...It hurts and I would never want anyone to feel the same way....Ever!
He has been my rock, a listening ear and a huge shoulder to cry on.

Hubby has not only been supportive to me through a difficult year, He is also a fabulous Father and Grandfather to our children.
He works so hard to give them what they need...
He picks up after them when they walk in the front door and chuck their coats and bags on the floor, cooks for them at any hour of the day (even after cooking dinner and the kitchen is closed), not only cooks dinner but cooks several different meals because they all want something different, passifies any tantrum throwing and calms them down, sorts out the fights, feeds the animals (that they begged us to get and promised to look after), He has totally organised all their Christmas presents (all year adding to the collection).

You name it Papa does it...


And we all love him sooooo much!

I appreciate My husband and everything he does for his Family.

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