Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Christmas traditions

I Love reading all the Christmassy Blog posts at the moment and while visiting singlemummy.net I enjoyed reading all about her Christmas traditions so thought I'd do a post too.

A lot of our traditions have had to change over recent years because previous christmases were spent with Mum.

Christmas has been really difficult to get used to without Mum around not just because we miss her so much but because she was such a massive part of our Christmas plans. Me & Mum always planned it together and to be honest this is the first year since losing her that I feel like we have our own Christmas and I dont feel so lost.
I've accepted that Christmas will never be the same...
But by making it own we can enjoy Christmas celebrations just as we did before
and Mum can still be a big part of them even though she isnt here.

I sometimes feel a bit envious of other people getting to spend their Christmas with their Mums or Dads, Nans or Grandads. We dont get to do that anymore so it has been very important for me to try and create a Christmas of our own.

* We always make an event of putting up the Tree & Decorations. Christmas music playing, wine flowing, mince pies on demand & Kids treats galore. We like to make it as exciting as possible for the kids to officially mark the beginning of Christmas.
* Christmas eve is spent baking with the kids - This is something we have always done even in previous years when we would all gather at Mums for a Christmas dinner. Before we would set off for Mums we would get the baking tins out and bake cakes.
*We always let the kids have one of their pressies Christmas eve...Its always new PJ's.
*All four of the kids stockings are hung every year (They have had the same ones for the past 11 yrs). I bought them while I was expecting Miss C.
*Reindeer dust is sprinkled along the front path, Mince pie & milk left for Santa along with a little Thankyou note before bed.
*Christmas morning the rule is...No running downstairs before 5am and the kids must wake Mama & Papa on their way down so that we dont miss them opening their pressies.
*Kids play with their toys, Papa clears up the mountains of wrapping paper, Mama makes her way out to the kitchen to get started with dinner preparations.
*Christmas dinner is served depending on what time Eastenders & Top of the Pops is on TV...We either eat before or after they start. Terrible isnt it, but Hey Ho Crimbo's not the same without them, lol!
*Every year, without fail Uncle T will find the dropped drawing pin by stepping on it!
Oh what Fun we Have!
Do you have any Christmas traditions?


  1. Love your list! great that you are starting you own traditions and hope you get to spend a few quiet moments remembering your Mum. Naomi x

  2. my mum is still alive, but she is now 86 and for the first time in many years she has decided not to travel, due to the weather, so wont be with our family. she will instead be with my sister who lives nearby, so I know she wont be alone, and of course we'll speak by phone.
    my younger 2 are now 20 and 21, so we dont do santa etc now, just looking forward to enjoying each others company for an enjoyable post mid-winter solstice celebratory meal.



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