Thursday, 25 November 2010

Writing Workshop - I AM

I am Happy.
I am a Mummy to four beautiful healthy children.
I am a Grandmother to an adorable 5 yr old.
I am a wife to a wonderful husband who I love more & more as every year passes.
I am an older five Brothers.
I am a Daughter to a Mum who loved me and a Dad who doesn't.
I am positive in is Good.
I am passionate...about arts, crafts, sewing, crochet, blogging & homemaking.
I am obsessive...about anything & everything.
I am a photographer...My camera goes everywhere with me as memories are precious.
I am in love with Christmas...and dream of a white one.
I am different...and have always strived to be.
I am old fashioned with old fashioned values.
I am a worrier.
I am sentimental...and remember most people from my past with fondness.
I am a Mormon...An in-active one for the past 20 yrs but a baptised Mormon all the same.
I am analytical...and question everything.
I am compassionate... I care.
I am now practically a recluse...And I like it that way.
I am opinionated...But try not to offend.
I am empathic...and feel your pain.
I am entertaining when drunk.
I am a dreadful singer...But pretend I think I'm fantastic (to annoy the kids).
I am happiest in the garden with the birds, bee's, bugs & Mud.
I am eager to keep my family together and my marriage happy.
I am hungry for second hand, vintage and retro stuff.
I am thirsty for coffee & wine.
I am a Geek.
I am content.
I am Lucky.

This post is for Josies writing workshop.


  1. you sound like a very passionate person, would love to meet you one day - drunk or sober,
    joy x x

  2. You are lots of things! And you sound very happy about that. Cool post

  3. What a lovely post. Sounds like you know yourself well and can admit both the good and the bad. I loved getting to know you a little better. You are sounding so happy these days. Hope you get your white christmas.


  4. Thankyou so much Ladies for your lovely are really kind. Big hugs to you all xxx



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