Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A Royal Wedding

What an exciting Buzz in the air...The Adorable Prince William has announced his engagement to the Beautiful Kate Middleton. I am a Huge fan of William and think eventually he will make a Fantastic King. I personally can not wait for the wedding. Apparently the streets will be lined with parties...How exciting.
I watched an interview on Sky news and William said he gave Kate his Mothers engagement ring as a way of making sure she would be a big part of his marriage and wedding. I felt a lump in my throat as I watched him, knowing exactly what he was feeling. He has been criticised a bit by some people for giving his mothers ring to his fiance but I really 'get' why he did it. Even though I was lucky enough to have my Mum still around for My wedding day I still understood his yearning...A yearning to have his Mum there for his special day. To William the ring guarantee's her presence on his big day. You can watch the interview here.
How Happy they look together and I am wishing them all the Happiness in the World!


  1. A Royal Wedding!! How exciting! We've been planning a trip to England to visit family for ages and it would be wonderful to be there during such an exciting time. Any hints as to when the big day might be?

  2. Well Christy, rumour has it that it could be a June wedding but then the gentleman who interviewed William yesterday said It could be as early as March. They are making a start on plans within the nxt few days so as soon as I hear I'll let you know x

  3. I am SO excited too!!! my sister and i are planning a party around watching (probably early am to us). I remember watching Diana's when I was 3. My mom woke me up to see it.



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