Sunday, 28 November 2010

List Day

I was visiting Libby over at Life is a journey not a destination today, She writes one of my favourite blogs that I love to read...very inspiring. Anyway Libby had been reading Little Tin Bird's blog and got the idea to write a List week post detailing what she had been up to all week and I thought I'd join in too.

1. Firstly this week we have been helping our Son Master N decorate his new place. The colour theme he has gone for is black, red & white. All the rooms will have one wall wallpapered in a black paper. He has gone for light painted walls and will accessorize with items of red, curtains, bedding & cushions etc.

2. Then I made some Apple & Chilli Chutney to have with our hot & cold meats over Crimbo.

3. I decorated all my homemade pickles & Chutneys ready to give as Christmas gifts. I have really enjoyed the act of pickling and will definitely be doing it again next year.

4. I spent a day baking with Miss C and our neighbour Miss D...Lots of Yummy mince pies.

5. I spent my evenings crocheting a granny square blanket for our Granddaughters Birthday.

6. Friday night was consumed with finishing off Miss E's blanket...I was in a panic to get it completed and was determined to get it done even if it meant I had to stay up all night!
Miss E always shows interest in all my crafts and loves watching me sew & Crochet. When she gets a little older I'll teach her how to crochet....I've been crocheting since I was 11 and for most of that time it was considered an old fashioned craft...However, recently it seems to have become really popular...Yay!

7. Miss E celebrated her 5th Birthday and had a lovely party with all her friends (post to follow).
We all had a wonderful time...Hope she likes her Blankie.

8. It has been a really cold week and a lot of the UK has snow...Here in Essex we are waiting to get it. For now it is just really frosty & foggy....Brrrr and very very Cold!


  1. I just really, really love the blanket you made for miss E. my mum and I both make blankets, she has been making them for years and gives them to people as wedding presents, I still have the one she made for us in 1988. I hope miss E. will enjoy hers as much as we enjoy ours.
    joy xx

  2. Thankyou Joy. Its funny you say that because I was thinking of making my cousin one as a wedding present for next year!
    I Love crochet and am so grateful to the lovely lady who taught me such a fab craft! xxx

  3. Hi Emma,

    Loved your list - it's such a fun, easy way to compose a post isn't it? So many fun times in the kitchen. And that blanket is so sweet. I'm sure Miss E will love it to pieces.




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