Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The Gallery - Before & After

The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers was another meme that I had started taking part in before my blogging break.
I love this weeks theme: Before & After.
The idea is to recreate an old photo of oneself.
It doesn't have to be exactly the same...It is open to interpretation.
So here goes...
What I've realised is I still use the same pose as I always have...
I pout!
The Before photo is My 16th birthday in my bedroom...
The After photo is me at 39.
What would that 16 yr old have thought if she had seen her 39yr old photo...
Would she have laughed or cringed?
I really do not know...
Probally have laughed her head off!
But hey...
What I do know for sure is that...
Some things never do change...
Although slightly (ok... MUCH) chubbier,
a few wrinkles, tattoo's and longer hair...
I still love to pout...
Oh and that I still wear black nail varnish!!!

BEFORE - 1986
AFTER - 23yrs later


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Lovely 'before' picture. I love that you are still pouting. And I love the music your blog is playing. Deborah x

  2. She would say, "You're STILL fabulous!"

    : )

  3. Aside from the difference in hair length, you look very similar now as you did then! Great pout :) and post

  4. Totally brilliant pout: I'd go so far as to say that it looks better now than then!

  5. Love your before and after, particularly the 1980's you and v.nice pouting.

  6. I like your before and after, the 1980's picture especially brought back memories:)
    I love the music!

  7. Thankyou Ladies For all your lovely comments x

  8. You look very similar I don't think you have changed that much at all xx



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