Friday, 26 November 2010

Festive Friday - On The Spot Mince Pies

I've recently stumbled across Chris over at Thinly Spread.

She has a Fab blog and a few weeks ago began a Festive Friday where you can post anything christmassy you may have done that week.

I think its a lovely idea and the other entries are so inspiring.
There is also a chance to win a gorgeous hamper.

So for my first entry...
This week the girls made some mince pies...

Our neighbour Miss D gave me a knock on the door laden with a handful of ingredients

and said "I fancy baking...What can we cook with this lot?"

She had...

a packet of ready made filo pastry,

a bag of dried mixed fruit,

a couple of tubs of chopped pineapple.


I replied

"Hows about we get all christmassy and make some mince pies?"

The girls liked that idea and began rolling out the pastry

cutting out circle & Heart shapes

We mixed the dried fruit with melted butter, fruit juice, mixed spice & cinamon

Used the circle shapes as the pie base
and topped with hearts.

Popped in the oven (gas mk 4) for 20 mins
And hey presto
Yummy On The Spot mince pies

Christmas baking is so much fun!
And perhaps a little messy :/

Will be lovely later on with a dollop of whipped cream
and a nice cuppa

1 comment:

  1. Yummy!How simple and what fun! I love the heart shapes, I always do stars but the hearts add a little something extra so we will definitely be doing those! Thanks for linking and I am glad you are enjoying Festive Friday!



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