Tuesday, 5 October 2010

A Friends Smiling face

A Friends Smiling Face

There is a place I like to go

Whenever I'm feeling lonely or sad -

A Place of Sunshine,

Laughter and Love,

That always leaves me feeling Glad.

There I share my secrets,

Hopes and Fears,

For this warm, inviting Place

Always waiting,

Always Welcoming -

is found in My friends smiling face.

The world is a more Beautiful place

because of Friends Like You!

Hello My Old Friends...

"Long time No see!"

I hear you say....

"Where have you been?"

Yes It has been a very long time since I last blogged...

I lost my mojo...

But it is back...


I never forgot any of you...

I've just been going through a bit of a dark time with some Family members.

It has affected me deeply and I didn't feel up to blogging,

I guess I have felt very low about myself as a person

And I've been questioning who I am.

I now feel strong again

and even though My family problems have not been resolved,

I feel like I need to let go because if I dont I will never feel 'Normal' again.

I am turning to you all My dear Blogger Friends,

And catching up on your blog entries have brought me comfort and smiles.

Thankyou My Virtual Friends For Still being there,

I hope My absence is forgiven and I look forward to being part of your community once again.


  1. welcome back emma, I'm pleased to be your virtual buddy as well. sorry to hear you have been going through problems, and hope that your newly found strength stays with you.
    joy xx

  2. Welcome back! It's so lovely to see you blogging again after such a long time, and I am so sorry to hear you have been through some bad times, but you can rest assured we shall always be here as your sounding board, and your friends when you need us x

  3. Hi Emma,

    So glad to see your blog pop up in google reader this morning and look forward to seeing it more often :-). Welcome back.


  4. Families are the most difficult things sometimes. Hope your feeling better and happier!



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