Saturday, 9 October 2010


During The School Summer Holidays We did what most people do and took the kids to a theme park.
Chessington World of Adventures is our closest so We jumped on The Underground and made our way across London.
As it was School Holidays it was fast & busy down there

But the kids love it

On the Train To Chessington We spot The London eye.

Nearly there...
We are Sooooo Excited

Finally after nearly 3 hrs...We arrived...

We took a look at the animals first...

Rollercoaster was The first stop for the older kids

Then The Bubbleworks...

It is everyones favourite ride...

Even Dad has a Great time...

Courtney looks a little embarrassed
"Oh Mum do I have to?"

All in all we had a Fabulous Day
Even if a little tiring.


  1. I used to live in West Ewell, which is about a 6-8 minute drive from Chessington WOA, both my 2 younger lads worked there during the summer season, Alex, the older of the 2 worked firstly in the car park, then in his gap year he worked full time in the control room, Oli, the younger one worked one season in the staff canteen. It was a wonderful experience for them both. I'm so pleased you all enjoyed the day, its very expensive to get in - at least I think so, but at least you get a lot for your money.
    Joy xx

  2. Oh Joy Your Boys must have loved working there! What a Fun Job! I bet it is hard work at peak times though.
    We used to take our older children to Chessington when they were younger but while we living in Devon it was too far for us to take the younger kids for a day out there so we were so excited to go now we are living closer.
    And yes a very expensive day trip even with money off vouchers! X



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