Sunday, 24 October 2010

Driftwood TV Table

Ok so Papa went out with our Neighbour looking for driftwood
along the river and
came home with a lovely pile.
Time for another project...

I thought it would be nice to have a rustic TV table
to match My rustic coffee table that
Papa made me a few weeks back...

Progress so far...
With our Neighbour
Who very kindly gave a big helping hand...

Very nearly done...

A Fantastic afternoon project
I love it!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Charity Shop Treasures

I was over at Joyknitts having a read...

she has quickly become one of my fav blogs

and I love the idea of showing our Charity shop finds.

So here is mine for the week

I nearly tripped over in the rush to grab The Union Jack Tray

I will use it on my new coffee table as a big place mat for Hot tea cups.

Secondly I have a real 'Thing' for Pyrex...A bit odd I know

but vintage pyrex reminds me of childhood

Love this little triangular bowl.

Lastly I've been after a new flan dish for

Our pies and cheesecakes.

All in all A good Charity shop Day and all for £4.50!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Union Jack Bunting Tutorial

To Start with choose 4 complementary fabrics.

I cut mine to the following measurements:

1 x Blue spotty : 8ins x 8ins

2 x pale pink strips: 13ins x 4ins

2 x red gingham strips: 13 ins x 2.5 ins

2 x flowery pink strips: 10ins x 6 ins

2 x red gingham strips: 10 ins x 2.5 ins

Fold over neat hems on all strips,
Iron flat for a crisper finish

Begin the Flag construction by pinning a pale pink strip diagonally with a red gingham strip on top...

Begin to sew

Sew all outer edges

Layer the strips
And sew

piece by piece

Sewing all outer edges
securely in place

As you can see the flag now resembles
The Union Jack

Snip off all the over hanging edges
for less bulk
and a neater finish

Choose a contrasting fabric and cut it
8.5 ins x 8.5 ins

Face best sides together
And pin.
Sew three sides of the square together
making sure a gap is at the top of the union jack

Turn right sides out
I use scissors to poke the corners out

Iron nice and flat

Make five squares in the same way.
You can create them all as Union Jacks or
As I have

To hold the bunting together you can either use bias tape or like me make your own by cutting a long strip of fabric

Position the bunting into place with pins

Sew The tape onto the top (unsewn) bunting squares

Easy peasy Bunting

I pinned mine with thumb tacs to the mantle
Although I will be moving mine a little higher
because of the fire.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

My New Coffee Table

One of our neighbours took Papa down the River on his boat searching for Driftwood for home making projects. Papa has been saying for a while that he wants to make us a coffee table. We didn't really need a new one as the old one was fine but I wanted a more rustic look for our Living room and I really dislike paying out for things the family do not need unless they are real bargains that I might find on ebay or at our local charity shop.

Papa worked so hard and with the help of another neighbour of ours he created a beautiful new table.
I love it!
Clever Papa X

Saturday, 9 October 2010


During The School Summer Holidays We did what most people do and took the kids to a theme park.
Chessington World of Adventures is our closest so We jumped on The Underground and made our way across London.
As it was School Holidays it was fast & busy down there

But the kids love it

On the Train To Chessington We spot The London eye.

Nearly there...
We are Sooooo Excited

Finally after nearly 3 hrs...We arrived...

We took a look at the animals first...

Rollercoaster was The first stop for the older kids

Then The Bubbleworks...

It is everyones favourite ride...

Even Dad has a Great time...

Courtney looks a little embarrassed
"Oh Mum do I have to?"

All in all we had a Fabulous Day
Even if a little tiring.


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