Young Writers!

I am so Proud of My Ten year old
She has won a Young Writers competition through her school and Her poem is to be published.
The Young Writers Group have been working with schools for the past 19 years by promoting reading, writing and enjoyment of poetry and creative writing through annual competitions.
Over a decade of these titles are in the National Archives at the British Library in London, which are added to each year!
Of Course she must get her creative flair from me...
Oh course! lol!

Here is Her Poem

Luna The New Puppy
There was a girl called C. She was four
years old.
One day she bought a puppy.
Mum named it Luna.
Luna was one year old. They all loved her very Much.
They sometimes called her Luna Tuna because she was funny, really funny.
She was C's friend.
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  1. Well done her! That is a really sweet poem & bet you are proud to have a daughter who is 'published'!

  2. Thankyou Make Do Mum... Im so chuffed for her! I would love to win something like that! lol!
    She actually really loves to write and often makes her own little books x

  3. Its great how creative little ones can be and great that she has won recognition for her work, it will encourage her even further.

  4. Thankyou Kella...I am hoping this will encourage her further x


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