Thursday, 25 March 2010

Writers Workshop - Affirmations

I am surrounded by love

This week over at Mama Kats Writers Workshop I found the prompts a little tricky...Really struggled with My desicion and decided to go with ...

2.) “I need all the help I can get and if repeating something healthy and inspiring to myself several times a day helps, then I’m going to do it!” -What affirmation makes you feel better? WELL THINK OF ONE.

When I was a little girl I dreamt of growing up to look like Farrah Fawcett, Getting Married to Clint Eastwood, becoming a Mummy and having four kids...Two Boys and two Girls.

Well I didn't Grow up to look like Farrah or Marry Clint but I did have My two boys and two girls.

I would buy those love heart sweeties from our corner shop, open the wrapper, close my eyes, pick one, then daydream about the boy I would Marry...Makes you wanna barf right?

Yeah I was away with the fairies most of the time!

But hey I got My proposal when I was nineteen and it may have been a bit 'shot gunny' as My Mum suggested we 'tie the knot' because I was 6 weeks pregnant and getting married would be the best option.
I was raised a Mormon so it was very important to Mum that we were married by the time the baby was here.
We Loved eachother and I'm glad she did give us that little push because now I am totally surrounded by love.
The Love of My husband, Our Children and Grandchild makes me so happy and When Im feeling sorry for myself or a Bit Grumpy I remind myself how lucky I am.


  1. I think the lovehearts thing is cute!

  2. What a sweet story. And those lovehearts are so fun.

  3. We're having lovehearts like that for our wedding favours! Lovely story xx

  4. That's a good affirmation to have. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  5. Thankyou for your comments Ladies and Lucia thats a lovely idea to have lovehearts for your wedding favours x

  6. I've tagged you with a Sunshine Award

    Thanks for writing such a lovely blog xx

  7. Hi there :)

    You're a great writer! I loved the Toxic friend post too. You KNOW I understand ;)

    Thank you for telling me about it and for your kind words.


  8. You have a very positive outlook on things....and your family are very lucky to have YOU XX

  9. Ok so almost four weeks ago I wrote becuse things had been quiet on the Syders and your other blog. I do hope all is ok you've been awfully quiet, just to let you know you are on my thoughts.

  10. My 7 y/o is really into Lovehearts at the moment....

    Where've you gone - hope everythings OK x x

  11. Hi there- firstly, Henny says thankyou very much for following her little chooky blog- she's feeling like a VERY important person now!

    Secondly, I must just say that I love this post.
    I think the affirmations do actually work and are always one of those staples that I fall back on in times of wavering!

    Ted and I spent some lovely days at Appledore one year and I agree it really is a very special place, especially the wide sandy beach- is it called The Burrows?

    Hope to drop by again



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