Saturday, 13 March 2010

I Absolutely Refuse to believe Summer is NOT here Yet!

Our Granddaughter is so adorable
She brings such joy to us all.
And constantly makes us laugh and
I think she is refusing to believe that Summer is Not here yet!
Winter Coat and shades
And Paddling in the sea water
She is Braver them me
It was rather Chilly!

Anyway the rest of us love summer too
So Papa Syder is out back building me a deck in preparation for our
(Hopefully) Many summer BBQ's.
My Mothers Day Present from Him!
I Sure Love You Papa
Thankyou! x


  1. Hooray for summer days. I think it'd be a bit cold for me to go paddling yet but I admire your little lady's spirit. Good on her.

    Thanks for the sunshine. x

  2. I love the pictures and can't wait for summer!!!!!

  3. Thanks for your comments Ladies...Im just so excited for summer to get here x

  4. Well, I'm hoping Summer arrives soon for you as well - because we'll be over in your wonderful country :-).
    Just over 14 weeks - the countdown has begun!


  5. Hiya libby...Bet you cant wait! Hope we have a good summer for you x



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