The Gallery: 2 peas in a Pod!

Ok so Im not sure if this is cheating or not
It is my first week at joining in Tara's Gallery
The photo theme is numbers.
The reason I Say Im not sure if Im cheating or not is because I didnt actually take the above photo...Its a professional photo taken at My cousins wedding 15 yrs ago!
I picked it on the spur of the moment and because I thought it could follow on from my previous blog entry and it just sprung into my mind (Any excuse to embarrass my boys...only joking!)
Anyway My 2 peas in a pod were born 13 mths apart...
And they were hard work, beautiful, funny and exhausting!
It was like having twins...
Infact everywhere we went people assumed they were twins.
I am so grateful that I have a hubby who shares parenthood 50-50 because without him I dont know how I would have coped and I sooooo admire people who actually do have twins!
You are truly Amazing Parents!
Life was sometimes hard...
We didnt have much money
And freedom was rare
Infact The first time My Mum babysat for us was when the boys were 12! (Mum Still had a young family at home herself)
So we never got a break.
I often felt trapped and tied down with responsibility
But we were Happy and I would gaze at my boys sleeping or playing and laughing and my heart would fill with love, pride and admiration.
All these years later I am so Glad I chose to have a (semi) large family
All those years of tiredness are so worth it!
P.S Hats off to you wonderful people who have more than four! x
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  1. Ah, that's a very well put together post! Just lively.
    Well done to you both with your family.

  2. I like to see how big families turn oout too.

    I come from a massive extended family so was always surrounded by love but have always been fascinated by the thought of growing up in a large single home family.

  3. Thankyou Ruth & Kella for your comments.
    I too grew up in a large family, so did my hubby and to be honest after I had the first 2 children I was going to stop there but I wanted my kids to have the same fun childhood with lots of siblings that I had.
    I feel very lucky indeed to be able to have made that choice as I know there are many couples who dont have the same choices x


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