Thursday, 25 February 2010

Whats in My Bag?

I got this idea from Make Do Mum Here
I actually have 3 bags that I use
It depends what Im doing
But The above Bag is the one I like to use the most
I thought it was going to be a lot more cluttered that it was
I was pleasantly surprized...
Anyway as you can see I have
Gloves...Hate to feel cold
A Tampax...Hate to get caught short
Tissues...Im always blowing my nose
My Purse...Full of everything but Money
Pen Drive...Full of photo's & School work for Kay
Keys...Full of Keyrings that were gifts from various people
Business cards...Tattooists and Craft people
My Mobile...Which has a Flat Battery (As usual)
And lastly My Camera that in this pic is in my Hand!


  1. That is very minimalistic, you put me to shame ha ha! I'm glad you did it as I love being nosey :)

  2. This is great idea, I try and keep duplicate items in all my various bags (tissues for little dirty hands, chapstick, pens, eyeliner, a little mirror in case I get something in my eye, straws, and a folderable reusable shopping bags are some of the regular things you would find in my bag/s), then all I have to do is move my wallet.



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