Happy 60th Mum

Wish I had you here to wish Happy Birthday and Not just a photo.
I wonder how we would have celebrated today...What we would have done.
Probally got all the boys together...A meal Maybe or something a little more exciting...Like paragliding or a bungee jump?
I doubt it too...hahaha!
I wonder...
I remember...
Back to your 40th...
Doesnt seem like 20 years ago.
I was pregnant with your first Grandchild
We were excited...
Making plans...
We became close that year.
There was always a barrier between us before then...
I guess because we thought we were so different from eachother...
But actually we were so alike.
Wish I could have shared another 20 years with you Mum
Miss You x
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  1. Such a lovely post for your mom x

  2. Beautifully expressed, thinking of you and yours.

  3. I'm sorry your mum is not still around. Glad you are remembering her and sharing that with others.


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