Yipeeeee...More Snow!

We have more snow!!!!

This poem by an Unknown Author has been taught to Children in the English speaking World for generations.
I Found it on The scottish Poetry selection and thought it was lovely and that I should share it with you all.
Although it is thought that it is probally Not actually Scottish atall it has become part of the Scottish culture as it is taught in schools there....
Falling Snow

See The Pretty Snowflakes
Falling from The Sky,
On The Wall and housetops
Soft and Thick They Lie
On The Window Ledges
On The Branches Bare,
Now How Fast They Gather
Filling All The Air
Look Into The Garden
Where The Grass Was Green,
Covered By The Snowflakes
Not A Blade is Seen
Now The Bare Black Bushes
All Look Soft and White
Every Twig Is Laden -
What A Pretty Sight!

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