The sledge

We decided to make the most of this wonderful winterland and take Courtney sledging...
I am sooooo glad I had crocheted myself a big Chunky scarf.

We set off

It was very cold along the sea wall...
I had tried relentlessly to get Miss C to wear her hat & scarf but she said she wasnt cold...
Brrrrrrr...Why dont kids feel it!

I wonder how cold these people felt in their house boats!

We made our way across the open fields.

It looked breathtaking and we savored every view.

We headed towards the hill.

Everyone took their turn.

Even Papa had a go.

Or two.

Miss C loved it.

There were lots of families with the same idea...
sledges in hands with gleeful children...(And Dads, hehehe)

We stopped at Tesco's on the way home.
was great to have the sledge to carry the shopping in.

That was Fun Papa.
Can we go again?

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  1. Oh what fun you all had. I had hoped to take my girls out yesterday to do some sleding but we had driving snow and high winds all day which made it to freezing and wet for a day out.

    This morning though everything has settled again and so the planned walk out in the woods with a visit to the local hill is back on.

    By the way I love your chunky crochet scarf, I have been itching to revive this skill I have allowed to fall by the wayside but I never learnt the names of all the stitches so can't follow a pattern.

  2. What a gr8 looking time and that scarfs fab

  3. Thankyou kella & gingeyginge...your comments are appreciated. Ive added the pattern for the scarf if you would like to give it a go! x

  4. I'll be sure to check it out.


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