Happy Home Maker Monday

The Weather in My Neck of the Woods:
It is -1 here in Essex...Looks all frosty and white outside. I've felt really cold all day and the house has only just started to warm up Brrrrrrr!

One of My simple pleasures:
Definately sitting by my open fire

On My bedside Table:
A lamp and a pile of books

On My TV:
Coronation Street
Gavin & stacey

On The Menu for Tonight:
It was Good ole Fish fingers, mash & peas

On My to do list:
To get the school uniforms ready for the morning and do a bit of crocheting.

In The craft basket:
A ripple afghan I've started for my friend Emma

A new scrapbook

And a headband I need to make

Looking forward to:
Taking my Christmas tree down tommorow...Its gathered an awful lot of dust!

Homemaking tip for the week:
ROUTINE! Set a goal every morning to have your main chores completed by a certain time. I set mine for 11am which gives me the rest of the day to get on with anything else needs doing around the house & garden.

Favourite blog of the week:
It has to be Jo's because she made me cry with her lovely post about her Dad and made me smile while she baked Miss frugal's choccy cinnamon cake all in the same week!

Favourite photo from Last week:

News years eve as the clock struck 12

Lessons learned the past few days:
To always value your childrens opinion!

Today's Host of Happy Homemaker monday is Sandra
I just stumbled across her blog today and think it is Fab!

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  1. Welcome to my Happy Homemaker Monday Emma!

    I'm so glad you found my blog which in turn let me find yours and I'm already loving it.

    Will come and visit you often, I've added you to my Google Reader :)

  2. So glad you commented on my blog, I used to have you in my bloglines reader but then I took a big blog break.

    Sandra's blog's great - try out her recipes, they're delicious.


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