Saturday, 30 January 2010

Favourite Photo Meme

One of My new blogger friends, Kella has passed on to me a Favourite Photo Meme.

I am absolutely thrilled...Thankyou Kella!

You can find Kella over at her Fab blog Kella's Musings on Growing her own, wildlife and her brand of Parenting.

It was Very Very difficult picking a favourite photo because I have thousands

Every photo to me is special!

I Finally decided on the Photo of My Best Friends Son J...

It was a very hot Autumn weekend and We were on our way to the beach to cool off in North Devon!

I would now like to pass this Favourite Photo Meme on to:

Cornish Beach Brummie

Blackberry Rambles

This is My Life

Life is a Journey Not a Destination


  1. Thank you so much - I will go through our pictures and see what I shall post as my favourite x

  2. Hi Mama syder, I've left you an award on my blog

  3. Hi again
    Just to let you know that I am still having problems with my g (see post) and so I have now taken the step to not post anything more to this blog, and have imported it to another web address. I would love you to continue to follow me. If you would like to, please un-follow CornishBeach Brummie and start to follow the new site on: A new name for a new year as I had so much fun bodyboarding last year, however I have left my banner as Cornishbeachbrummie for the time being to prevent too much confusion,

    my card making one is now as it was easier to have them both on the same dashboard and not risk the same thing happening to that one too.

    I look forward to seeing you on the other side..... or blog as the case may be LOL

    I have decided on my meme and shall be posting it on my 'new' blog address once I have advised everyone of the address change Jo x

  4. I haven't seen you blog in quite awhile I do hope all is well. I have left you another blog award.



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