Missing You Mum & Christmas Gone By

I miss you Mum
This time of year is especially tough
Its Christmas and No Card from you sits on the Mantle,
No phone call frantically asking me if I know where you've hidden all the presents because you cant find them...searched the whole house you have!
Then only to find them in the boot of your car, the airing cupboard or some other totally random place...
I miss our Family home at Christmas
The Boys running wild with Excitement...
Nan, Aunt Toot, Cousins galore popping in and out with Auntie Delores, Margaret and Uncle Bill
You Red faced and running round making cups of tea, wrapping last minute presents and nearly forgetting to put up the tree!

Our house was always so full of people & Chaos! There would be food and drink and gift wrapping paper strewn all over the floor.
Kids Crying, Kids laughing, Brothers Fighting and Brothers playing
But most of all Mum
We were all together
Miss you Mum x
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  1. That is a very moving and lovley post. It can be a tough time of year sometimes can't it?
    I am glad you had such a nice mum.

    Happy New Year from Dundalk:-)

  2. What a lovely post in memory of your Mum.

    Christmas, their birthdays, anniversaries of their deaths are all very sad times we have to get through. However we have our memories and they are precious.

    Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year from Worcestershire, England.

  3. What a lovely tribute post, it's so sad that you cannot share another Christmas but nice that you have great memories to look back on.

  4. Thankyou for your lovely comments...They are appreciated x


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