Monday, 30 November 2009

Welcome To The World Our New Nephew Theo

Papa's baby brother Big C has a new addition to his & Partner S's family.
Welcome to the world our New Nephew Lil Mister T.

C & S travelled down from Cambridgeshire (approx 150 miles)

I was desparate for a cuddle.

And so was Papa.

Theo is absolutely adorable!

Also visiting was Papa's Mum..
It was the first time we have seen her in a very long time and we were all thrilled to see her...

Big C as usual was hungry.
We now have a top of the range
waste disposal.

Which Big C found highly amusing as he was stuffing his face with greasy kebab!

Now time for a family portrait.
Please be serious.
And stop laughing.

What a lovely get together!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Happy Halloween!

For Halloween This year we Went out for an organised event
There were lots of rides,
Bouncy castles
And Face Painting

We had a whole lot of Fun

I decorated the front window with black sacks

The older girls dressed up for trick or treat

So did the lil Ones
Lil Miss E Loves halloween


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