Crabbing In North Devon

Just before we moved Papa's Younger brother Big C came to stay with us in Devon.
We were so pleased to him as we live a long distance apart and rarely get to spend time together.
He brought with him his lovely family.

Master N was pleased to see his Uncle C.
The weather was lovely so we took a walk down to the Quay, stopped at the shop for crabbing essentials.

Quick pit stop to fill up the crab nets with bait.

Master J was fully prepared with net in hand.

Looks like everyone had the same idea as us and decided today was the day for some super crabbing.

It was really busy

but with plenty of space to be alone.

The warm water was enticing

Mrs S teaches Master J to Crab...

And J proud of his catch.

Miss D hoping for a good catch

Todays catch.

We had a lovely day together.

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  1. How fun! What a crowd out for the crabs! Crabbing is something Uncle Bill used to do with us -- good memories.


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