Tuesday, 29 September 2009

All the Fun at the fair!

We headed into the Funfair.
full of excitement and anticipation.

First stop was of course the carousel.

The waltzer
Everyones favourite
full of memories from my youth.

The ghost train was far too creepy for Lil Miss E

The tea cups were a much better option

The Twister got the most votes.
Oh how Thrilling!

Time to head home and the disapointment that followed.
"Please Mum...Just one one ride!"

Carnival Weekend - Fete

Its Carnival weekend here in our little Essex town
and we are all really excited...

Theres loads going on.

Funfair rides.

Big Balloons.

hook a duck

Essex radio
with different acts from the surrounding area.

Its been a lovely morning.

Now to head home for some lunch before our guests arrive.

Carnival Weekend - The Fair & Fireworks

Before the Fair packed up and left we all went together as a family for one last go on the rides.

Then to the firework display along the Quay.

We sure love a Good firwork display!

Was a lovely Weekend

Monday, 14 September 2009

Westward Ho! Stormy Waters

The morning began with glorious sunshine so after Crabbing & lunch we decided to hit the beach.
But Papa looked up to the sky
and said "stormy weather ahead"
But we didnt let that stop us from enjoying our local beach.
Miss C wanted to carry this red stone home.

The kids ran as fast as they could to warm up.

Then the storm hit and we all ran against it.

We were soaked through.

We stumbled across a mini Stone Henge.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Happy Birthday Miss K!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl.

You are growing into a beautiful young lady.

And we all love you very much X

Friday, 11 September 2009

Crabbing In North Devon

Just before we moved Papa's Younger brother Big C came to stay with us in Devon.
We were so pleased to him as we live a long distance apart and rarely get to spend time together.
He brought with him his lovely family.

Master N was pleased to see his Uncle C.
The weather was lovely so we took a walk down to the Quay, stopped at the shop for crabbing essentials.

Quick pit stop to fill up the crab nets with bait.

Master J was fully prepared with net in hand.

Looks like everyone had the same idea as us and decided today was the day for some super crabbing.

It was really busy

but with plenty of space to be alone.

The warm water was enticing

Mrs S teaches Master J to Crab...

And J proud of his catch.

Miss D hoping for a good catch

Todays catch.

We had a lovely day together.


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