Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Cob Kiln

Rupert Johnstone works with traditional materials like cob and clay to build a sculptual kiln within 4 days on the beach. Each day we popped along to see how he was doing.

The kiln is finished and fired up.

We had a little chat with him and he was telling us that he lives in a cob cottage. The walls are really thick which makes the structure cool in summer and warm in winter.

The revealing of the clay pots that had been cooking inside.

Cob building is something Ive always fancied trying my hand at.
Another workshop Id like to try.

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  1. Hi Mama Thanks to your lovely post to my blog, I was able to find you, and I'm so glad I have - I LOVE your blog! the music and pictures are fabulous - and all of those glamourous movie shots down the side are from all of my favourite films!
    You have inspired me to search for another blog layout ..... watch this space!



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