Sunday, 7 June 2009

Appledore Arts Fest - Day Two

Day two and we woke up to Glorious weather, perfect for the festival and Cinnamon Donuts,

We had a wander around the art exhibition at the local church.
There were some fantastic paintings.

Not forgetting the beautiful stained glass windows.

Just outside church is a rope swing and pappa cant resist having a go.

A quick look at the view.

One of the hidden tiny streets in our village,
so pretty.

A look at the new time & tide Bell.
The bell is a newly invented form which can sound different notes to create a melody. The rise of the water at high tide will move the clapper to strike the bell.

We can hear it from our bedroom at home.
Back home.

For a barbie.

Great end to a lovely day.

Day One is Here.

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