Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Packing up House And Moving On

We have 6 weeks until we move into our new home, so the big pack up has began, which means disconnection of our internet. How will I cope???

I will be popping into the library to update my blog and order my shopping from sainsbury's.

Happy Packing to Me!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Loopy Luna, Our Red Boxer Dog

Early evening and luna loves to go walkies.

There is a spot that Luna loves which is at the bottom of our little road.

Quick drinky.

and now a sit down
looks like Miss C needs it too.

even doggies appreciate pretty views.

Thirsty work.

I'll race you home

Sunday, 14 June 2009

From across the water - Instow

Im always taking photo's of the view from the Quay in our village, looking of to Instow, the village on the other side.
But what is it like on the other side of the water looking at our village?

Well here it is
Across the water is a pretty beach that looks across to our village.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Appledore Front Door Decorations

The residents of our village are invited to produce a decorated door knocker each year to reflect the theme of the yearly arts festival. This year was fire & Fury.
Prizes are awarded for the best decorated door knocker on the final day of the festival.

Here are just a few that we passed while walking.

This door had a family of house martins nesting.
House martins are on amber alert here in the UK due to a decline in population.
Being close to wetlands our village is full of them flying about.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Appledore Arts Festival Finale - The Carnival

Today is the Appledore Arts Festival finale. We were lucky enough to have Samba band Energia play for us in the village. They are the best in the South West and their sound is hypnotic and fast. We totally love them.

Along with Energia were African dancers .
All dressed in beautiful costumes.

A dragon made by visitors to the festival.

We were thoroughly enjoying the festivities when all of a sudden someone gave Miss C a flag and asked her to take part.
She was Thrilled!
We followed the procession through our villages winding streets.

Energia's samba music playing hypnotically

Destination reached.
But we had other ideas and chose to have a dip instead.

What a wonderful day!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Cob Kiln

Rupert Johnstone works with traditional materials like cob and clay to build a sculptual kiln within 4 days on the beach. Each day we popped along to see how he was doing.

The kiln is finished and fired up.

We had a little chat with him and he was telling us that he lives in a cob cottage. The walls are really thick which makes the structure cool in summer and warm in winter.

The revealing of the clay pots that had been cooking inside.

Cob building is something Ive always fancied trying my hand at.
Another workshop Id like to try.

Appledore Arts Festival - Day 4

Day 4 and another beautiful day for festival.

We pass a group emptying their catch.

Again the Quay is buzzing with things to do.

We spot a tent where we can make firebirds out of recycled materials.

Master N makes a start on his firebird.

Papa helps Miss C with hers.

Miss C is proud of her creation.

And Master N with his.

A local folk band.
They were fab.

A quick stop for ice cream.

This man is amazing he makes his own native american flutes and the sound as he played was so relaxing.

Miss C bumped into her friend Miss O from School.

We end the morning with a private joke between father & son


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