Saturday, 21 March 2009

Rock Pooling In North Devon

We awoke to more beautiful sunshine today. The Teenager went out with her friends so we walked down to the rock pools to see what we could find.

Firstly lot's and lot's of periwinkles.

We needed to get right in the pools to find some more interesting stuff.

Papa spotted some beadlet anemones.

Beautiful fiery red tentacles

We were fascinated by them.

So pretty.

This one has had enough of our poking and prodding and is retracting.

Then Little Miss stumbled across a whelk unusually still inside its shell.

Little Miss was so excited that she fell in the rock pool trying to get at it.

We had a good look then little Miss put it back safely into the rock pool.


  1. Oh, I love mucking around in rockpools; can't wait 'til The Boy is old enough to understand them.

  2. Great photos. So looking forward to summer x



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