Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Mothers Day 2009

R.I.P Mum X

Sunday was Mothers Day and I woken up to double egg on toast. My favourite breakfast, what a treat. Cards and choccies followed. I felt spoiled. My thoughts quickly turned to my Mum and how much I miss her and so desperately wish I could spend Mothers day with her.

I turned on the News and saw the sad news of Jade Goodys death. I have been following her story and her battle against cervical cancer and watching her the pass few months took me back to mums struggle with uterine cancer. Ive cried so much for poor Jade and her family. Its just so tragic, she was a truly courageous woman.

R.I.P Jade

Anyway Papa asked me what I would like to do today and I quickly said "Lets go to Northam Burrows" The weather was lovely and I could do with the fresh air.

There were mummy sheep and baby lambs everywhere.

Lambs feeding...

And we think this black lamb was recently born...

because it was struggling to get up and walk. And papa got close and spotted that it was covered in what he called goo. A very fitting sight for Mothers Day. Witnessing a lambs Mother cleaning her newborn was wonderful.

We reached the beach, after we tore ourselves away from the sheep.

A spot of sandcastle construction.

The views are just breathtaking.

Happy Mothers Day everyone X

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