Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Laughter, Tears and Tantrums in the snow!

The snow continued throughout the night and we woke to a pretty, picture postcard scene.

Miss C of course was the first family member (after Luna the dog) to throw her clothes on and dash outside.

It was announced that schools were closed across the country so we had no choice but to have loads of fun in the snow. First thing to do was start rolling a snowmans body.

Papa and Miss K were finding it tough keeping the huge snowball together.

Disaster struck and the ball collasped.

Oh my Gosh.
Miss C is having a meltdown.

Not to worry.
Everyone is back on the case and rebuilding the snowball.

It really is bitter cold.
Wheres your Gloves Papa????

Time to decorate our SNOWWOMANS face.
Well she turned out to look rather feminine.

A nice warm shawl finishes her off beautifully.
And look at those muscles.

Lots of fun was had building our snowwoman. Up until Miss C received a snowball in her face (not a pleasant experience if my memory serves me right!)

Tantrums followed and we all took cover.
from snowballs being thrown at the window in temper.

Papa decided that he would make a sledge out of a storage box lid.

It soon took C's mind off her traumatic experience with the snowball.

And she decided to have a go too.
There are some benefits to living on a hill.

Everyone enjoyed their day of snow.
And our snowwoman was glad to get some peace at last, while we all had a nice warm cuppa.

And more snow is predicted.
Watch this space!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Happy Birthday Miss C!

Everywhere in the country has been hit by snowstorms, everywhere except our village. Well up until it was time to collect Miss C from school anyway. It is also Miss C's 9th Birthday so what a wonderful Birthday Surprise.

Get your coat on!!!

We didn't have it quite as bad as our cousins in Essex but we had it and that's all that matters.

And C was determined to make a snow angel in the tiniest of snowfalls.

Time for cards and pressies.

I'm sooooooo excited Mum!

C choose to have traditional kids party food for her tea.

And she decorated her cake herself...

What a wonderful job she did!

Time for some fun in the snow before it gets too dark.

And even Luna joined in.

Happy Birthday Miss C! X


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