Thursday, 15 January 2009

Healthy New Routine

So far my News Years resolution to get fit, healthy & slim is going well. I feel really strong and determined. My will power is in gear and even though the weather was miserable I still went for a nice long coastal walk. 

This field was covered in molehills.

This path covered in mud.

And this view so peaceful and serene.

Another breathtaking view that reminds me of why I am living in this beautiful part of the UK.
A glimpse of our village church.

And a reminder of days of old. This tiny street is the old high street but apart from a tea room all the other little shops sadly sit empty. I imagine this street was at one time the focal point of the village brimming with lots of hustle and bustle.
I arrived home feeling, cold, wet, exhausted and full of life.
Cant wait to do it again!


  1. Loved all your pictures!! how I wish I had something that beautiful to walk by. Oh well.



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