Thursday, 29 January 2009

Change 4 life!

Ok So channel 4 have been advertising an NHS website for a few weeks now called Change 4 life

It gives lots of great tips and advice for changing the whole family's health for the better. I ordered myself a free welcome pack and when it arrived I was pleasantly surprized to find a sticker chart. I stuck it straight on the kitchen wall last wednesday and called a family meeting.

"Right everyone, this family is getting healthy! OUT with the crisps & choccy and IN with fresh fruit & Veggies!"

Everyone was very happy except for Miss K "Thats just so unfair mum...I hate you!"
Gosh...I think her reaction was just a little over the top...dont you? Oh well she will get over it.

I told them all that everytime they eat a fresh piece of fruit of veg they are to add a sticker next to their name. The person with the most stickers beside their name at the end of the week is the winner and each week I will be presenting a small prize to the winner!

Anyway Miss C won yesterday and very pleased with herself she was too, especially for winning a prize.
Miss K had the least stickers because she is going through a phase of not eating fruit & veggies. She was furious that she lost and begged for a prize just like C's.
I told her. "K, You have to be in it to win it!" Oh dear...she wasnt impressed!

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  1. What a great plan! I hope it continues to work!



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