Wednesday, 3 December 2008

It's that time of Year again!

Something strange is going on. Its Sunday morning, I've been left to sleep in and most worryingly is the silence in the house apart from the faint hum of Christmas music drifting up the stairs to my bedroom. As I approach the Living Room Miss C Greets me with a big warm smile & nice hot cuppa. Something isn't quite right here.

Of course the lovely mess that I wake up to is all the decorations spread around the room.
Papa had twisted my arm yesterday to put the tree up. He has been nagging me for weeks to put them up so I caved in.

Two years ago I purchased a white tree because I fancied something a bit different. My old tree was on its way out but now I'm having second thoughts. Maybe I should have stuck to a traditional Green tree.

But as the decorations were added I was pleased I picked a white one.

"Look Mum...I can see my reflection in the bauble!"

Half way through decorating Miss K disappeared up to her room to listen to her music which left C to put the Star on the top.

All done and tidied up and looking a lot like Santa's Grotto.

Now we can relax with Hot chocolate & truffles.

Makes the hard work all so worth it!

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