Saturday, 20 December 2008

The Boys Are Back In Town!

The boys have arrived home from Essex for Christmas.
Today was a lovely day so we decided to go for a walk and participate in a spot of crabbing. 

We tried for a while but didnt catch a thing. Not sure if the problem is the cold weather or not because during the summer months we catch lots.

We gave up and opted for rock pooling instead.
During our walk to the rock pools there was lots to see.

And my brother Mr T was interested in the colourful streets of the village

We Arrived at the rock pools.

And set off on our search.

The best find of the day.

The weather was turning rather chilly so me & Miss C retired to the bench.

The boys soon followed.
It was cold and not a lot to find.

Time for a quick stop at the park before heading home. Miss C was thrilled that she had someone new to drag onto the seesaw.

Good Sport Uncle T!

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  1. Enjoyed your pictures! I have fond memories of crabbing off the Maine coast as a child and haven't ever really heard of others talking about crabbing. So, it was fun to see a picture of you all out trying!



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