Friday, 14 November 2008

The Village Rooftops

Since starting my blog I have become absolutely obsessed with taking photo's.

And as the weather has turned rather wintry there doesn't seem to be as many photo opportunities coming my way.

Anyway while I was picking up the kids from school I noticed how nice the village rooftops looked.

Even during the winter months they are picturesque and I love looking at them.

all wonky, charming and colourful, they make the school run such a joy.

Oh here comes Miss K...fresh off the school coach...
"Mum you are soooooo embarrassing, stop it with the constant photo mates might see you!"

Even Miss C who usually loves the camera wasn't too keen.

Oh well maybe enough is enough and I should calm down with the David Bailey act.
But hang on...
I think I might need some kind of self help group to be able to stop now.

Hello my name is Mama Syder and I'm addicted to my camera!

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