Monday, 17 November 2008

Granny crochet

I have been able to crochet from the age of about 11. A family friend taught me and I swear she must have had the patients of a saint because it really isnt easy to teach someone this craft, especially a child.

Anyway I'm not brilliant at it but I can crochet simple basic blankets and after a few years of not picking up my crochet hook I've recently made a start on a blanket for my sofa.
My grandaughter put the idea into my head because she likes blankets with holes to poke her fingers and toes through. I kept thinking to myself "I really should crochet Lil Miss E a blanket".

So the red blanket is really a bit of a practise run before I make lil miss E because I haven't done it for so long, but I didnt need to worry because crocheting came straight back to me as soon as I picked up that hook.

Then this morning I made a shock discovery. I was having a look through the latest Cath Kidston catalogue and I was flabbergasted to discover that they are selling granny square blankets at £85 each!
Gorgeous they may be but I could probally make myself one for a tenner!
So thats my next mission, crocheting lots of granny squares.

And this year hand making everyones crimbo pressies...aren't you all so lucky...hehehe!

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