Saturday, 22 November 2008

Home Fires burning

I have always wanted a real open fire in my living room because of the warm homely feel they give to a house and when we first moved into our little seaside cottage we were greeted with this hideous gas fire.

First thing I said was "That has got to come out!"
A few days later I returned home from shopping and the fire place looked like this.

Papa had arranged the old gas fire to be removed while I was out and to our amazement behind it was a fully working open fireplace... all it needed was a good clean up and a grate. A very kind neighbour supplied us with an old grate that they no longer needed so Papa got to work of getting the fire burning.

Then before we could get the marshmallows out we had a roaring fire going, perfect now the weather has turned chilly.

All we need now Papa is some chestnuts to roast.

Adding them to my shopping list as I speak!

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